Samuel Adams’ New World

I recently found several bottles of Samuel Adams’ craft beer, and of course, I had to try them out. The first one I sampled is called “New World”

Sam Adams New World

It is a Belgian style Triple. It has an amber color, and is 10% alcohol. I must say that I was very impressed with this beer. It has a wonderful balanced beer with a fruity aroma (due to the type of Belgian yeast used), a hint of sourness (just enough), and is very refreshing. I highly recommend it. Have you had it yet? If so, what do you think of it?

Sam Adams in the glass


Duvel – fit for a king

To celebrate Belgium’s independence’s day and the king’s coronation (21st of July), I decided to have a toast with a Duvel, one of Belgium’s most popular ale.   Duvel is produced by a brewery called Moortgat brewery which was founded in 1871.  The beer was originally called “Victory Ale” to  commemorate the end of World War 1.  Apparently the name was changed in the 1920s when someone described the beer as “nen echten duvel” (a real devil in Dutch) and consequently the name was changed to “Duvel”. 

The Duvel double is brewed with two hop varieties and has an alcohol content of 8.5% . 


The Duvel tripel is brewed with 3 strains – the first 2 are the same as in the double, and the third one is changed on a yearly basis. This year, they added a Japanese hop called Sorachi Ace. The tripel has an alcohol content of 9.5%     



It was interesting to be able to taste these two beers at the same time to see what the addition of the third yeast would do. When poured into their proper glass (a Burgundy glass), they both have similar color and a nice light foamy white head. Both are fairly dry. The double gives a quick bitter bite and a medium finish while the tripel has a fruitier flavor, seemed slightly less bitter but with a longer and what I feel was more satisfying finish. I think both would go very well with a hearty meal or as an after dinner drink – perfect for a king’s feast!


Have you had a Duvel? What do you think of it?