Good morning and welcome to Goodgrubs!

No – this isn’t a blog about larvaes or insects. It’s not about dwarves either.

Grub is also defined as ”meal” or “food” and this is what I’ll be talking about here.

For some people, food is a chore: a daily activity they get done with as quickly as possible in order to get back to to other activities. They eat to live.

Not me.

I live to eat.

I enjoy eating.

I look forward to it. It’s joy in my mouth, my stomach, and my mind.

To me a meal is not an act, but an event. Put good food, good drinks and good companionship together, and you get a blissful event.

I do not think that good food equals expensive, pretentious, or fancy. This is why I chose the term grub.

In this blog, I’ll describe some of the good, and not so good grubs that I encounter with family and friends along the way which you might then try out yourself. I’m also hoping to get some ideas for you as well… so please feel free to give me your thoughts an what you enjoy to eat and drink!


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