A tasting of Free Will Brewery

I found some beer from a brewery called Free Will on my last trip to the beer store.  I never heard of this brewery before, but checking out their website, I discovered that it was founded by 2 guys in 2010.  They started out making beer as a hobby and it has now grown into a fairly large operation in Perkasie, PA, brewing 11 types of beer.     The three beers I sampled were:  Destiny’s Wit, Techno IPA, and Uppercase IPA.

Destiny Wit

Destiny’s Wit is described as a Belgian White.  The website claims it has flavors of orange and lemon peel, coriander and white pepper.  I thought it lacked any character or flavor – to me it tasted like a generic ale with slight wheat in the background.  Very disappointing.

Techo IPA glass and bottle  Techo IPA

IPA’s are some of my most favorite beers so I was anxious to try out the Techno IPA and Uppercase IPA.  To give you a an idea of where I’m coming from, a couple of my favorite IPA’s at the moment are the Two Hearted Ale from Bell’s Brewery and the Southern Tier IPA.   Oh, was I disappointed.  Both the Techno and Uppercase IPA lack any flavor at all.  Imagine drinking a like a low end ale with no character at all and that’s what you get here. yes, there is a bitter bite at the end to remind you that it’s an IPA, but it’s weak and nondescript.

Upper case bottle glass  Uppercase bottle

So all in all, I was very disappointed with these three beers from Free Will Brewery.  I tried each of them several different times, as I really wanted to like them (I purchased a 6 pack of each),  but every time, I ended up junking half the glass in the sink – that’s how bad I feel they are.  There’s just no  flavor or depth at all.  I do not recommend them.

Thank goodness I still have some Southern Tier IPA in the fridge to save the day.

Souther IPA glass bottle  Southern IPA

Have you tried these beers before?  What did you think?


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